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A handsome man entered the second-class car and sat down.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hello,” I replied.

“What are you making?”

After a moment's contemplation, I said warmly, “A conversation starter.”

“My name is Dash Crosby, Miss–?”

“You may call me Darling, darling,” I replied.

And that, dear hearts, is how so many great relationships begin–with a simple conversation.

My love affair with knitting began in the same way. In Gstaad, I noticed woman wearing a beautiful intarsia sweater and I asked where she’d got it.

I made it myself,” she said proudly. I was intrigued. Some people see a beautiful thing and think, I want to buy that!” Others see a beautiful thing and think, “I want to make that.”

Perhaps, like me, you are the latter. If so, I hope you’ll join me in this adventure of discovery and together we’ll uncover beautiful, new things to love from all around the world.

-All My Best